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iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot Review

Dried pools of dog drool, java spills, and pasta-sauce splatters can impair even the fanciest robo-vac. Instead of sucking, iRobot's automated Braava Jet 240 tackles floor gunk utilizing water-activated cleanup pads. Even the Braava Jet runs onto a removable lithiumion battery, which necessitates an initial two-hour charge before you're able to ship the bot off on cleaning obligation. As you wait, you can also download iRobot's standalone program; it isn't mandatory, but gives you use of a few custom made alternatives, like an area cleanup style and control within the amount of water the scrubber uses throughout cleaning.

The bot is sold with three kinds of cleaning pads: a blue one for wet cleaning, an orange one for damp sweeping, and a snowy one for warm sweeping. It will automatically recognize the mat kind you load and use the proper corresponding cleanup pattern. As far as we can tell, the main difference between the three modes is how much water the Braava utilize (a lot, a little, and none, respectively), the more sweeping blueprint, and number of moves. Additionally, the pad vibrates in wet mopping style.


We place our test unit loose on an objectively gross 49-square-foot covered wood kitchen floor, which plainly needed a triple-pass wet mop. So we filled the Braava with a few of those two included blue cleaning pads, then place it in the left corner about a foot away from the walls, and then struck the luminous "Clean" button. We did following moist and humid sweeping tests on precisely the exact same kitchen floor after creating our very own artisanal messes consisting of dried soft drink, pet hair (it's shedding season!) , and also some dirt out of the backyard. We also had the Braava Jet clean our two baths.

With one week's worth of dinner prep debris onto to the ground, we're worried this preliminary jumble could prove a lot to its Braava Jet. To the surprise, that the little 7-by-7-inch bot did a unusually thorough clean up occupation. The bicycle took approximately 14 minutes, during which time that the Braava Jet were able to sweep up the little pieces of food, and expel all signs of their liquid spills on to the ground. While it had only a little problem with canine hair (that the bot was able to mop some up it, however a decent amount it only pushed in the corners), your kitchen floor looked great entire.

The wet-mopping pattern includes got the Braava Jet swing outside into the left and right since it moves forward, occasionally squirting the floor with water. Once you begin the cleaning procedure, it will do a double pass onto the first row and then proceed gradually from the left side of the room to the right, Zamboni-style. In this situation, a thin carpet created a natural border separating the kitchen from the hallway, which the Braava recognized on its own. You might even establish a digital wall via the program if no such obstruction is present in your residence. The iRobot Braava Jet 240 costs $169. Replacement packs of sponges are $8 for a package of 10.