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Ring Video Doorbell review and price

Like many other smart door bells, Ring lets you see who's at your door and socialize with your guests before allowing them to in. Unlike its competition, nevertheless, Ring does not need dedicated electrical wiring; instead, it can work away from rechargeable battery power. Considering our evaluation home does not have builtin door bell wiring, we decided the wireless installment option.

That's partly because of our unique front door situation, also partly as a result of Ring's 5-by-2.4-by-1-inch dimensions, roughly the same as a heftier iPhone 7. The door has a narrow, wooden border surrounded by painted shingles. The former has been too thin to serve as an acceptable base, as the latter were too short to adapt the Ring's whole length. We wound up installing the system straight to some shingle and letting it hang down of a inch on the one below it--maybe not ideal, although not dreadful. All told, the Ring took a little over 10 seconds to put in, including the mandatory app installment.


Once in position, the Ring may simply alert you when someone's at your door via a notification in your mobile phone. Our review unit came with the Chime Pro, a $49 chime/Wi-Fi range extender that, once plugged into an outlet, boosts the Ring's network signal and amplifies the sound of the doorbell alerts. It closely mimics the effect of a conventional door bell. There's also a $29, non-Wi-Fi stretching version known as the Chime.

During the 3 weeks we analyzed the Ring, the doorbell performed reasonably well in many situations. You get alarms in your phone (and throughout the Chime should you have one set up) when someone moves the door bell or triggers its integral motion detectors. Once that occurs, you could answer the alert on your own phone, tablet, or PC whereby you'll be able to view, hear, and talk to the person at the entranceway.

When you buy a Ring, you get yourself a 30-day trial offer of backup cloud storage, which gives you access all your triggered Ring events. If you don't, you'll simply get the moment Alerts with live opinion. That's somewhat disappointing considering additional video door-bells like the Skybell offer at least a week's worth of video copy cloud service for free.