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PlayStation VR review and pricing 2017

In terms of high-quality, immersive virtual reality, the PlayStation VR headset ($370 on Amazon) competes well with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. But rather than hammering this headset to some gaming PC, you use this with a PlayStation 4. This could lower your current cost if your gambling set already contains a PlayStation: both a normal PS4 ($299 on Amazon) and also a PS4 Pro ($399 on Amazon) will run on the PS VR headset. During the time you are budgeting, keep in mind in addition to the headphone and also gambling games console, you will also require the PlayStation 4 Camera ($43 on Amazon) to track your movement and a two-pack of Move controllers ($ 7-9 on Amazon) to provide input.

When it comes to its specs, the PSVR is sold in just a little lower compared to the Vive and the Rift: It has a 960 x 1080 pixel resolution each eye and a 100-degree flat field of view, though it can raise the possible refresh rate to 120 Hz. The images quality does not quite match the enormous two headsets, and its own motion tracking and controllers are a bit more basic, however the PSVR is substantially higher in quality than the phone-based VR headset we will talk later. Plus, it's very simple to set up in order that everything works smoothly. Where the PSVR really shines, however, is in its match titles.


Considering that the gambling pedigree of Sony and its PlayStation 4, you also may expect an impressive lineup. We expect software studios to keep churning out more of these VR names later on, along side routine PS4 fare. Therefore, in the event you want full-fat, console-quality VR, with a excellent match selection, then the PSVR could be the cheapest method in--especially in case you have already found a PlayStation 4 put up in home.