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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review: Design 2017

We have seen a great deal of interesting devices from Chinese OEMs such as the Honor Magic and the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but something which Chinese manufacturers have notoriously been known for is creating smartphone clones. That's what Xiaomi's most up-to-date flagship, the Mi Note 2, could have been, if not to the unfortunate discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now, the Xiaomi flagship is rather the nearest thing you can get to a worthy alternative.

But is this telephone merely a carbon copy, or does it have more to offer beneath the surface? We see, in this comprehensive Xiaomi Mi Note 2 inspection!


If you overlook the plan of this Galaxy Note 7, the good thing is that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 includes the exact same design, albeit while not being as refined as what has been seen with the former. By way of instance, the bezels along the faces of the display are thicker, which makes for a mobile which is wider complete, and there's a far clearer and sharper differentiation with the way the glass and metal meet to the sides.

Aside from that, the layout language is virtually indistinguishable. You get curved glass on the front and back, that Xiaomi is phoning 3D glass, and it is all wrapped into a sleek and solid metallic framework. The build quality is fantastic and the Mi Note 2 is a beauty, assuming you are able to keep it clean from fingerprints, smudges, and dust, and all of which can be especially notable with this Piano Black variant of the device that's observed in this review.

Needless to say, there is also no S-Pen such as stylus that's housed at the bottom of the device, and there's only the USB Type-C port flanked by one speaker unit and a mike, located under vertical grills. Up top is that the headphone jack as well as an IR blaster, which will allow you to control your TV or other peripherals. On the right is that the volume rocker and the power button, that are also made of metal and give a lot of visual opinions, and also on the left is that the dual SIM card slot.

Beneath the screen up front is your physical home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, but at first glance, the house button may appear to be a good state button due to how flush it stays with the glass. It will have any capacitive functionality, so as soon as the phone is unlocked, all you want to do is contact the home button to go home, and the only time you really have to press it is when accessing Google Now or when deleting the telephone.

The house button is set by 2 wheeled buttons denoted by arrows, and it is up to you about which side functions as a rear key along with the Recent Apps button, also you can change the sequence based on which orientation you are more familiar with.