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Moto X4 Android One review: return of the X

The Moto X4 revives the Moto X name, however it's now not the Moto X we once knew. It currently comes in the form of an Android One apparatus plus it joins Google's short list of Project Fi-compatible apparatus. If we're being absolutely honest here, the only real thing the Moto X4 shares with the Moto X's of yesteryear is that it's name. Otherwise, this is a very different apparatus with a brand new leadership. Being under the Android One program, the Moto X4 Gets a Excellent affordable entry point into Google's Project Fi. But can the rest of the phone live up expectations? Find out at our full review!


Alternatively, the Plan of this X4 falls in line with Moto's Z series of flagship devices, minus the Moto Mods. It's made primarily of glass, like most phones seem to be nowadays, with glass onto the front and rear and also a smooth metallic framework wrapping round the perimeter. The corners are well rounded and the backside is ever so slightly tapered along the edges allowing the phone to rest comfortably in the hand.


Even the phone's overall footprint isn't that big either so that it's significantly easier to utilize within one hand compared to many other mobiles out on the industry. The glass backing obviously does signify fingerprints aren't easy to cover, if you care about keeping your apparatus looking pristine constantly I'd recommend carrying a cleaning cloth using this particular one. Otherwise, you'll find nothing overly showy about the Moto X4's design, since it looks pretty standard in other aspects. The bezels are average in size and the camera on the rear protrudes as with other Moto apparatus, except it's merely a decorative choice here and serves no intention enjoy it will on the Moto Z line.


The screen of this Moto X4 does not go edge-to-edge, nor does this have curved-glass or rounded corners. It's just a standard smartphone screen with no frills. It's an LCD display that measures in at 5.2 inches using a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or Full HD. It isn't a display which may blow your socks off, however it's perfectly serviceable and I didn't have any significant complaints on this specific screen within my testing.

The colors are very pleasant to get an LCD, watching angles are fine, and outdoor visibility wasn't just a issue even under harsh sunshine. Black degrees nevertheless, are not quite as good as an AMOLED screen. That's only to be expected, however, the screen didn't exhibit common LCD issues like every noticeable light bleed or irregular lighting around the edges of the display, but at least not on my own unit.


The Moto X4 falls right from the mid sized category, or so the X4 is powered by a Snapdragon 630 chip and 3 GB of RAM for running multitasking and apps. On paper it may not be the most potent phone, but just like the display, it's ample. Through everyday usage, the X4 performed admirably with no evident stutters or lag.

Apps have been fast to establish, multi-tasking proved to handle it self well regardless of the relatively paltry level of RAM, and graphically demanding video games such as Need For Speed: No Limits or Marvel's Contest of Champions conducted well without any hiccups. Needless to say, the X4's smooth operation also includes plenty to accomplish with its slim software experience that Motorola offers, but we'll get more into that at the applications department.


In terms of hardware, the X4 provides the typical slew of Android attributes. The fingerprint reader is currently in Motorola's usual location at the bottom corner, also it works extremely well concerning unlocking the phone with reliability and speed. I also enjoy that it can be used to place the device to sleep just like Motorola has finished with many of its current devices.

Unlike Motorola's Z series of smart phones, the X4 will not come with a headset jack located on the bottom side of this telephone, so no port is needed so as to make use of your favorite headphones. You maybe surprised to understand that the X4 can be IP 6-8 certified against dust and water to get as many as 1.5 meters for half an hour. Considering that most flagships in 20 17 take some kind of water and dust protection, that is fantastic feature to have on a phone at this price point.

Even the X4 comes with a fairly decent battery inside, in 3,000 mAh, and while battery lifetime isn't phenomenal, it's been enough for the full day's worth of casual use. This includes checking emails, browsing the web, social media, and also some light viewing on YouTube. Just don't expect screen-on times to be incredibly high, as I never managed to find such a thing more than four hours and those amounts will probably be lower in case you do a lot of intense gambling or video watching.