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Razer Phone hands-on: gaming phone for everyone

What happens each time a gaming computer provider buys a smartphone provider? They produce a gaming phone, right? Not exactly! Razer bought Nextbit earlier this season, and now the company has released its very first smartphone. It isn't a gaming phone, but it's a mobile designed for gamers. We travelled hands-free together using the Razer Phone and here is what it was really like. What's the big difference between a gaming phone and a phone made for gamers?

As stated by Razer, it's made for anyone who wants a pure Android experience with the latest hardware, but it has also gained several tweaks that allow it to be the best smartphone to get hardcore gamers. We are going to kick things off with all the design, where the Razer Phone carries cues from the Nextbit Robin, however, adds a unique dash.


The Robin's signature circular theme is found from the buttons on the side, and leading of the mobile is reminiscent of this Robin as well. To include their own flair, Razer opted to get a dark finish onto the back, as well as green icons, so giving the device a glance at preserving additional Razer solutions. Additionally there is a special launch colorway containing a black finish using a green Razer logo, which is designed for a limited period only.

The remainder of the look is quite straightforward. The mobile's 16:9 display is evidenced by double front-facing stereo speakers, each using their own dedicated amplifier. These speakers utilize exactly the same grille design found in Razer laptops and are designed to give consistency and coherency involving your company's product ranges.

The display is the point where the magic of this Razer Phone starts to manifest. It incorporates 2 important bits of technology from Razer's computer scope. The initial may be the essential reason behind using the IGZO display: the Razer Phone is the very first smartphone to give a variable refresh speed of around 120 Hz.

The 2nd reason is Ultra Motion, which is the mobile version of NVIDIA's Gsync feature for desktop computers. This permits the GPU to synchronize with the refresh rate and then teach the display if to render a new framework. This should make the phone ideal for gambling and additionally, it means that the Razer Phone provides the silkiest scrolling we've found on an Android mobile.

The device also has a convenient counter on the monitor to display the current refresh rate. Its location is a little weird, however it might be disabled when needed (it'd have been improved at the statusbar). During our brief time together with it, we saw the refresh rate speed range from 10 Hz around your home screen all of how to 121 Hz whilst gambling and the outcome has been always a great experience.

120 Hz can be actually a new feature for smartphone displays, and consequently, not all matches will probably encourage the higher refresh rate. Game developers have the option to limit the refresh rate to support all displays, also for these games, the Razer Phone will simply run them at their highest refresh speed. The company is dealing with select developers to maximize popular games like Shadowgun, Arena of Valor and Final Fantasy XV Mobile Edition to use the entire 120 Hz refresh rate which can be found on the display.

A great display experience is often let down by a sub-par sound adventure, nevertheless the Razer Phone can take a different approach. The phone comes equipped with Dolby Atmos for Mobile and I feel the speakers are incredible. At higher amounts, there's absolutely no distortion and the total sound experience is only fantastic. Granted this is only an initial impression, but I abandoned desiring that on all smartphones.